Community Service Director- Titus Bennett 

Meet Our Team

Board Member - Cedric Little

La’Vaar Wynn is the Founder and President of Fathers United Inc. A devout father himself, Mr. Wynn was entrenched in a war for his paternal rights.   Without ample funding to secure an attorney Mr. Wynn was forced to represent himself against the mother of their child and her attorney.   Mr. Wynn studied and fought endlessly until he secured his parental rights to raise his daughter.  Mr. Wynn has made it his life’s mission to educate and help all fathers secure their parental rights as he did.  So all fathers have the opportunity to remain a substantial and positive influence in their children’s lives. 

As a single father, Mr. Wynn knows personally how difficult and most of the time impossible it is for fathers to attain any type of child assistance.  Building an organization that will give educational, financial, and legal assistance to fathers having difficulties exercising their parental rights is something that Mr. Wynn believes is long overdue.

"Changing the world one FATHER at a time!"

President - La'Vaar Wynn 

Vice President  - Lindell Hunter

As the proud father of an intelligent King, I had problems with being part of my son's life for the appropriate amount of time that was imperative to his proper development. I reached out to a friend to speak about this epidemic in our community and what solutions could be created, at that point that friend knew another friend had started a nonprofit organization due to encountering similar issues. I was referred to Mr. Wynn's organization Fathers United Inc., who was a friend I hadn't spoken to in a while. I called Mr. Wynn and we spoke for hours and the rest is history. I've always been involved in the community, but it was great to join an organization with similar visions, goals and passions. It was a wonderful thing to unite with Fathers United Inc. on identifying vital issues and creating solutions. I'm very proud to not only be a client of Fathers United Inc, but also Vice President. Our goal is to get to the context of community problems which would limit the amount of time dealing with symptoms. The problems in our community is much deeper than most people realize. Over standing that truly loving and respecting yourself improves the relationships we have with each other tremendously. Over standing that being manipulative, narcissistic and controlling is the ingredients for a toxic relationship. Every man and woman has to realize that they have problems within themselves that need to be identified and need to be worked on consistently. The relationships will start to improve at that point. The key to success is perseverance. In my opinion I feel that the judicial system is functioning the way it was intended to function. It is up to us to unify and demand changes to this institution. Unification is the only means to achieving these goals, we are nothing without each. Peace Kings and Queens.   Yours truly Cedric Little

Titus Bennett is the Community Service Director of Father’s United Inc.  Titus became a board member of the organization in 2016 after meeting the founder La’Vaar Wynn and listening to his story.  Titus also is a devoted father  and understood the importance of fatherhood and being a positive part of a child’s life.  Titus knows that being an active father is vital in the development of our children today.  Titus has experienced this first hand after growing up in a single parent home and then losing his father at the age of 14.  Titus feels that it is time for a change and has vowed to work with Father’s United Inc; as they seek to educate and provide necessary strategies to get fathers back active in the lives of their children. Titus said that through offering different parenting programs and activities that allow fathers to engage with their children will ultimately help build bonds with other fathers and with the children.  Titus said Father’s United Inc. is a great organization and that every father should want to be a part of something that will help you grow as a father and as that positive figure in our communities. 

Lindell Hunter is a outstanding father who not only excels in fatherhood but also in the corporate world as well.  Lindell's expertise in cultivating relationships globally has taken him across the globe.  Lindell is Founder/CEO of Hunter Valley Global LLC. that strives to provide clients with global strategies and innovative solutions. Lindell also founded The Black Silicon Valley a organization that highlights and helps create startups, SaaS (Software as a Service ) inventors, technology summits, community ideas and jobs creators in urban communities around the world