Meet Our Team

President - La'Vaar Wynn 

"Changing the world one FATHER at a time!"

La’Vaar Wynn is the Founder and President of Fathers United Inc. A devout father himself, Mr. Wynn was entrenched in a war for his paternal rights.   Without ample funding to secure an attorney Mr. Wynn was forced to represent himself against the mother of their child and her attorney.   Mr. Wynn studied and fought endlessly until he secured his parental rights to raise his daughter.  Mr. Wynn has made it his life’s mission to educate and help all fathers secure their parental rights as he did.  So all fathers have the opportunity to remain a substantial and positive influence in their children’s lives. 

As a single father, Mr. Wynn knows personally how difficult and most of the time impossible it is for fathers to attain any type of child assistance.  Building an organization that will give educational, financial, and legal assistance to fathers having difficulties exercising their parental rights is something that Mr. Wynn believes is long overdue.