​​"Changingthe World one FATHER at a time!"


FHF is an initiative and lifestyle of mentoring, motivating and assisting other fathers in life, business, and every aspect of well being. .


Children rescued from FATHERLESSNESS

Fathers Helping


Fathers United Inc is eliminating fatherlessness by empowering fathers  by increasing knowledge, awareness, assistance, and networking to drastically increase the participation of all fathers in every child’s life.


Additional training and workshops include but are not limited to the following.

Conflict Management
Practical conflict resolution techniques and strategies that can be implemented to effectively  manage and minimize conflict in various situations.

Parenting / Co-Parenting Techniques

Educational resources, strategies, and techniques that teach parents a multitude of effective parenting skills, as well as  helping parents develop, maintain, and improve positive relationships with the other parent and their children.

Business Skills

Strategies and techniques to assist with securing employment, improving interview skills, resume writing, and entrepreneurship.